I saw you there

Just as I see you everywhere

With eyes that serenade

And a smile that strips me bare.

There is no choice

Do I trust you or not

I’m vulnerable

I trust you a lot

To be usual

I am withholding

But you are unusual

and I just keep going

There is passion in our kiss

and the tips of our fingers

It is you that I miss

and where my mind lingers

What is it to touch the skin of your chest

To feel your breath against my neck

What is it to want what can not be

and when it can, will it still be me


Permanent Lines

I haven’t lost you today.

Two people standing upon their graves.

The light shines down through me.

I do not feel but I can see.

The worlds spins and so does my mind.

Each decision drawing a permanent line.

It’s Not Mine To Deal, Yet I Deal

I thought that I could let it go

but I can’t unless I let you know

the truth of how I really feel.

How can I tell you that your worst nightmare is real?

By letting my pain pass, is it worth its push onto you? 

I should not feel guilt for allowing yours to be true.

I had to be strong and deal with reality.

So why do I hesitate to make you aware of your responsibility? 

Deep Tunnels

Deep tunnels with dark secrets.

Places you can’t describe. 

Live only within for a short time.

Lots of short times.

Body as still as trees.

Fear, the violant fluttering leaves. 

Storms that rock the world.

You sit in a corner, curled.

You only think two things.

Survival and the thought of not existing. 

A fight between to have hope or to despair.

Even in the deepest tunnels, should you, for life, care? 

To Stand Up After You Fall

Dangerous it is in the mid of night.

Succumbed I became to you gift of fright.

Many things I learned through your mental rape.

Too young of an age to learn what a person is capable of.

I learned that their are women who will sacrafice their child

to feel love from a man and live in denial.

I learned that many believe in different levels of love.

That given a choice, they will betray one for the love they see as higher above.

I learned that blood does not equal family;

that those closest to you can betray easily.

I may not beable to choose what in my life will impede

but surely I am responsible for the life that I lead.

I have strong hate for what you caused on me

but I will never regret the lessons I pulled from the weeds.