A Little Girl

A little girl cries herself to sleep.

All she wants is a family.

She’s been a good girl but it doesn’t work.

All she’s learned is how to hurt.

This is the only life to be.

That’s all she can seem to see.

It breaks my heart that a little girl is all alone 

when all she needs is a healthy home.

A young girl is ready to leave.

What new pain will this life bring?

Yesterday wasn’t a good day.

Tomorrow will just be the same.

If I could just some how let her know

the power of holding on to hope,

the strength of opening up your heart

and not focusing on it falling a part.

Walking In Shoes That Don’t Fit

I noticed that you are walking in shoes that don’t fit. 

They are pretty expensive, that much you admit.

It’s rather annoying watching you drag your feet. 

Why don’t you rest and take a seat.

I watched you last night at the local theatre.

Your acting is better than an amateur.

After the show we went and had a drink.

It was then I realized that you never stop acting. 

It’s sad how hard people try

to be liked by every girl and guy.

The value of a relationship will never be known

until you learn to accept who you are alone.