Don’t Give Up – It’s Near

She only sees reason to blame

herself for all of the pain.

She knows if she leaves

it will still remain.

She shades her eyes from the light

hoping it is all just a lie;

She will wake up and everything

will be alright.

It already hurts too much.

What if she just messes up

just like the other times: 

she gives up.

She has been searching for many years.

Everyday hoping she is near.

She needs strength and instead 

finds fear.

Not Just A Memory

I stay awake late at night

wishing you are by my side.

I hope that you are coming home soon.

Tomorrow isn’t soon enough.

This waiting is getting tough. 

I need you here next to me.

How hard should it be to sleep?

So lonely, I am crashing down.

My face is stuck in a frown.

All I need is to see your face.

Then I think of all the things

you would surely be saying.

A smile creeps up on my face

I remember where your love is placed.

No longer does my heart feel sad.

No matter where you are, I’m glad,

when knowing that you’re not just a memory. 

You’re always here with me.