Deserve Forgiveness

Desperate for forgiveness

without clarity of mind.

There is what you wish to get

and what you will actually find.

I am not trying to erase time

but I’d like to forget mine…

…atleast sometimes.

When one does not know them self

how can they act accordingly?

I miss you dearly

or atleast the person I thought you use to be.

When you learn who you are 

maybe I can meet you.

But this person infront of me,


will not do. 


The One Song

I don’t need a little time.

I know how I’m feeling.

You’re the closest friend of mine,

the reason my heart keeps growing.

I am scared of many things

but never has fear danced while my heart sings.

Until you…

You are the music of my soul.

The one song that I will always know.