Deserve Forgiveness

Desperate for forgiveness

without clarity of mind.

There is what you wish to get

and what you will actually find.

I am not trying to erase time

but I’d like to forget mine…

…atleast sometimes.

When one does not know them self

how can they act accordingly?

I miss you dearly

or atleast the person I thought you use to be.

When you learn who you are 

maybe I can meet you.

But this person infront of me,


will not do. 


Our Heart Again

  Realizing how much you’ve changed

Innocence must be regained 

Hoping that you are not too late

To make up for that one mistake

Distractions are a risky game

Focus so you may love the same

Love is not a selfish feeling

For you my heart is rehealing


“Le moribond” by indiae on

                                          I see stars when I look up at the night sky                                            

And I see scars when I look into your eyes 

Im just hoping one day you will learn to know 

Scars are what make us grow

I see blue sky when I look up in the day time

You can’t deny the people’s heartless crime

Im just searching for recognition:

We have more than just destruction.


How can you make something so great, 

throw it away and act like it’s fake?

I guess you’re just use to it;

I guess you just can’t admit:

It’s too hard for you,

you’re not strong enough, 

and you can’t pull through.

Or maybe I’m just waiting for you to realize;

Or maybe I’m just waiting for you to open your eyes

and notice that I’m alive. 

It’s Too Late

I thought I was blind

cause I couldn’t find

your love for me

there were no signs

You claimed it was true

yet made me no proof

so how could I say

I love you too

Through all this time

through all these lies

I finally see

the truths you hide

Now it’s too late

and you are lost

on the other side