Walking In Shoes That Don’t Fit

I noticed that you are walking in shoes that don’t fit. 

They are pretty expensive, that much you admit.

It’s rather annoying watching you drag your feet. 

Why don’t you rest and take a seat.

I watched you last night at the local theatre.

Your acting is better than an amateur.

After the show we went and had a drink.

It was then I realized that you never stop acting. 

It’s sad how hard people try

to be liked by every girl and guy.

The value of a relationship will never be known

until you learn to accept who you are alone. 


Not Just A Memory

I stay awake late at night

wishing you are by my side.

I hope that you are coming home soon.

Tomorrow isn’t soon enough.

This waiting is getting tough. 

I need you here next to me.

How hard should it be to sleep?

So lonely, I am crashing down.

My face is stuck in a frown.

All I need is to see your face.

Then I think of all the things

you would surely be saying.

A smile creeps up on my face

I remember where your love is placed.

No longer does my heart feel sad.

No matter where you are, I’m glad,

when knowing that you’re not just a memory. 

You’re always here with me. 

It’s A Fine Time For A Rewind

It’s a fine time for a rewind.

It’s a nice day, why won’t the sun shine?

It’s a nice smile but your eyes lie.

I’m tired of the games.

I’m tired of the selfish gains.

I’m tired of no one knowing my name.

It’s a long song and you sing it wrong.

It’s a clear day but you walk in the fog.

It’s a short path yet it takes too long.

I’m tired of the lonely days.

I’m tired of the one track way.

I’m tired of apologizing for what I say.