No Fool For You

You’ve tried a thousands times to hide me from the truth.

You tell yourself its easy to make me out as a fool. 


Color Me Not

One word can mean a hundred.

The color green could be the color red. 

Life can be one confusing mess

consisting of people who want no stress.

Yet it is the comparison of perceptions

that lead to a happy moods destruction.  

So That You, I Never Miss. 

You watch my eyes,

no need to hear my voice.

You know what I hide

no point in speaking lies. 

You listen to my heart

with you head against my chest.

I can feel it beating hard.

Your love puts my body to rest. 

You touch my skin

and dreams fade in.

There is no future, there is no end. 

As long as I can smell 

the bed of roses you had me dwell,

As long as I can taste

the sweet linger of your kiss,

I will slow and turn from haste

so that you, I never miss. 


Carry me into the fire

let it burn my fear, I am tired

of running from in its surrounding empire.

I am a prisoner under your spell

I do as you wish, as you tell.

I want to live on my own.

I want to crush your wall of stone,

stop you from keeping me from home.

Your power is undenieable,

you reak of the most unearthy smell.

but what I know, I know well.

I don’t exist in your world.

You exist in mine.

You play these tricks to steal my time.

Made me forget the control I possess.

Well now I am ready to clean up the mess.