Unwanted Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will fall to my knees,

if I wake up and realize this was not a dream. 

Please tell me that this is just a dream.

Please tell me that this is not the worst goodbye.

Please tell me that you are still alive.

I can’t imagine living in a world without your existance. 

I can’t see the colors without your light’s persistance. 

Please shed some light so that I may see,

that wherever my life shall lead

you will always be here in my heart, with me. 


Our Rival

Invisible smoke screens, clouding our vision.

Not from what lies infront of us, but from what lies within. 

A consistant measurement of fear, anger, love, and humor.

Desire to be understood and thirst to always want more.

Never quite satisfied, yet eager to dig in.

Never knowing what day is to begin. 

With the absence of thriving survival,

the mind will find a new kind of rival.


Desperate eyes,

shaky voice.

There’s no surprise

in the words of your choice. 

There’s clarity in the way you move,

though not clear enough that you may remove

the disguise you hide behind infront of a mirror. 

Who you are is not who stands here. 

Searching eyes,

yet you never find.

Forgotten thoughts, lost in your mind.

What was it you are searching for?

Too much time past to remember anymore. 

It’s Not Mine To Deal, Yet I Deal

I thought that I could let it go

but I can’t unless I let you know

the truth of how I really feel.

How can I tell you that your worst nightmare is real?

By letting my pain pass, is it worth its push onto you? 

I should not feel guilt for allowing yours to be true.

I had to be strong and deal with reality.

So why do I hesitate to make you aware of your responsibility? 

A Falling World

There’s a time when the world is falling down

from beneath my feet.

It’s then I realize, I am falling too.

What end will I meet? 

If only I could fly away.

With stretched wings, make the wind speak the words I didn’t say.  

With what purpose, if I could never find the ground?

With a falling world, there’s no one to hear the sounds. 

The Four Elements

Take me to the waters,

let me drown my sorrows.

Let’s focus on today

and not worry about tomorrow.

Take me to the fire,

watch the flames grow higher.

No sense in burning memories.

Hold on to your desire. 

Take me to the sky

let wind take my high.

Look down upon the world,

Looks better from where I fly.

Take me back to earth

Let me see what we are worth.

Beauty lies in us.

Who will wear it first? 

Deep Tunnels

Deep tunnels with dark secrets.

Places you can’t describe. 

Live only within for a short time.

Lots of short times.

Body as still as trees.

Fear, the violant fluttering leaves. 

Storms that rock the world.

You sit in a corner, curled.

You only think two things.

Survival and the thought of not existing. 

A fight between to have hope or to despair.

Even in the deepest tunnels, should you, for life, care? 

Tomorrow’s Uncertainty 

Try to tear me down,

I won’t make a sound.

Heartache too familiar

for you to push me around.

Don’t think it doesn’t hurt,

it hurts like all the rest.

I just know how exert

the pain and not through stress.

I let you in and you ran out.

What was that true love you were talking about?

I had believed in us.

Sometimes you can’t believe in your own trust.

The danger of falling in love too quickly

lies in the faith of tomorrow’s uncertainty.