The Power of Doubt

Doubt is a powerful storm,

a brewing hurricane.

Gusting wings with wild form,

claiming the seat of reign.

Remember truth that remains,

with wind of sanity.

Rise above the doubtful claims,

shear the uncertainty.

Doubt is a confined rebel

Its absence I will not dwell. 



“Le moribond” by indiae on

                                          I see stars when I look up at the night sky                                            

And I see scars when I look into your eyes 

Im just hoping one day you will learn to know 

Scars are what make us grow

I see blue sky when I look up in the day time

You can’t deny the people’s heartless crime

Im just searching for recognition:

We have more than just destruction.


How can you make something so great, 

throw it away and act like it’s fake?

I guess you’re just use to it;

I guess you just can’t admit:

It’s too hard for you,

you’re not strong enough, 

and you can’t pull through.

Or maybe I’m just waiting for you to realize;

Or maybe I’m just waiting for you to open your eyes

and notice that I’m alive. 

It’s Too Late

I thought I was blind

cause I couldn’t find

your love for me

there were no signs

You claimed it was true

yet made me no proof

so how could I say

I love you too

Through all this time

through all these lies

I finally see

the truths you hide

Now it’s too late

and you are lost

on the other side