You’re A Dream I Wake Up To

Feels like I’ve known you all my life.

And I have.

When our eyes meet, they smile

Our hands touch, speaking the words

we are waiting to say.

Your the answer

and there is no question.



What I had never realized was by keeping him from the burden I knew he couldn’t carry but of which I could, I was also keeping him from understanding the burden I held on my back. He could not know what I have become.


I saw you there

Just as I see you everywhere

With eyes that serenade

And a smile that strips me bare.

There is no choice

Do I trust you or not

I’m vulnerable

I trust you a lot

To be usual

I am withholding

But you are unusual

and I just keep going

There is passion in our kiss

and the tips of our fingers

It is you that I miss

and where my mind lingers

What is it to touch the skin of your chest

To feel your breath against my neck

What is it to want what can not be

and when it can, will it still be me

You got me

Baby you got me

Right, right were you need me

I’m, I’m yours completely 


Take my hand

Pull me into your world

Love who I am 

Cuz you said you always will.

You said you always will.

Here I am 

I’m standing on the ground

Yes that’s me

I’m firmly on my feet

Ready to be your one and only

Because Baby you got me

Right, right were you need me

I’m, I’m yours completely 



Love Posion

I feel ashamed that I am not strong enough to move on.

I’ve never kept it far from my mind though it’s been so long.

When I feel close to someone, I try to find the comfort I need.

Only to regret the vulnerability.

Vulnerability makes me feel anxious and dumb.

Why am I so scared to trust and allow myself freedom.

Can I ever not care or care without pain. 

Because this pain is keeping me from what ever remains. 

Light is my home but I live in darkness.

Am I one of the people who can flip the light switch?

Fear in My Veins

Woken up by an uncomfortable sensation, I stare out into the darkness that made up my room. The air felt wrong and I didn’t feel alone. Hesitantly, I look down at my feet. Eyes peer above the ladder leading to the top bunk where I lie; dark, dangerous, and familiar eyes that seem to still the whole of my body. I can’t move and I can only pretend to be asleep. Had I imagined those eyes. Has my mind gone insane? I wait and listen as I hear the creak of my door opening slowly and closing again. Suddenly, I can hear my heart pounding. What had just happened? Why was he in my room and why was he just staring at me? Tears stream down my face as fear washes through my veins. 

A Salient Plea – Repost

Under the shadows of a tree
thou will fall to his knees

with a salient plea

to the true grace of thee.

Unblind my eyes and allow me to see.
Untie my hands and set me free.
Unsew my lips and let me speak.
Give me strength because I can no longer be weak.

The world is dark and fearsome
and stranger evil I know is to come.
We need the mighty and righteous,
to awaken and fight the thriving darkness.